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What is this site about??

Not a fancy site but I hope it will become the best site where to find technical informations about the Ace Attorney serie.

 This site is trying to put some order and put together technical information about hacking, translate, modify or even create new stories based on the Ace Attorney series.

I will try to create list with all control codes in the games, values of each argument on each control code, maybe a graphic reference of each background in the game, each animation, etc...

I will try to create a tutorial in how to create new stories, how to use PWSE and maybe more.



What will you find here??

This is a big project and everybody interested in working with this serie can help out.

Even a newbie can help out but don't ask me how if i will translate the game in any language for u.

At the moment there are NO tools that can convert the txt file back to bin so the only thing that is possible to do (not tested yet) is rebuild the game like it is a custom made but with the original contenent.

Story Behind My Site

In fact i wanted to translate myself this game but found out that it's not so easy as i was thinking. Many informations, tools and project are scattered around the net and the most project are dead. I waited some time to see if something would change in this matter but nothing was going on; only new people trying to start new project but never finish even one. So i decided to create this site to clean up the mess that is behind this serie. In the time spend till now, i found out that the code of this game isn't so complicated as many people think but actually the most people get confused about different names for the same function by using the different tools. Everybody is free to help out so that many of those projects will get new life.

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